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Russian Constructivism

Taraboukine - Le dernier tableau

In the early seventies the study of Russian Constructivism was a research priority. This was the context for the monograph on Alexandra Exter (1972) [ ] and the theoretical work Le dernier tableau, a selective anthology of texts by the Constructivist critic Nikolai Taraboukin of which Andrei Nakov published a translation and critical commentary in 1972 with éditions Champ Libre, Paris. The publication excited considerable interest, particularly among specialists in contemporary plastic art, and also had repercussions in the international press. A Spanish translation was published by Gustavo Gilli in Barcelona in 1977.







Tatlin's Dream

In 1973 the exhibition catalogue « Tatlin's Dream » appeared in London, containing articles on numerous artists for some of whom this was the first showing in Western Europe
(Bogomazov [Internal link ], Ermilov).

1975 saw the publication of the book 2 Stenberg 2 [Internal link ], a work on the « Spatial Constructions » of two Russian Constructivist brothers, Vladimir and Georgi Stenberg.





On this occasion, four « Spatial Constructions » were re-created under the direction of A. Nakov, whose undertaking benefited from the advice of Vladimir Stenberg, one of the few surviving Russian Constructivists.

Stenberg - Constructions d'appareillage spatial

The exhibition including these reconstructions was shown in Paris, London and Toronto (Art Gallery of Ontario). Ensembles of them were later acquired by the Musée National d'Art Moderne in Paris, the Australian National Gallery and others.

In 1977 A. Nakov was put in charge of the Constructivist part of the 15th Council of Europe exhibition, « Tendenzen der Zwanzige Jahre » (Tendencies of the Twenties). This important show was held at the Nationalgalerie in Berlin during the year 1977 [ ]. The critical reflection emerging from this work was later to lead to the publication in 1981 of the book Abstrait/ Concret : Art non-objectif russe et polonais, Transéditions, Paris.

The revised and augmented definitive version of this work appeared in 1997 in Russian translation, published by « Iskusstvo », Moscow, under the title Bespredmetnyj mir (The non-objective world).

The subject was also dealt with by A. Nakov in several exhibitions created by him: see Biography 1983, 1988, 1989, 1978.

During the eighties and nineties, A. Nakov continued to address issues relating to Constructivism by regularly publishing studies on the subject in specialised reviews or in exhibition catalogues (Hausmann, Moholy-Nagy, Lissitzky, Exter and others). He also wrote several dictionary articles in the field (Merz, Schwitters, Baader, Bausmann, Hoech et al.) for the Dictionnaire de l'art moderne et contemporain published by éditions Hazan in 1992, especially Constructivisme (french) [Internal link  ].



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