Andrei Nakov
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Tashkent Biennial

Andrei Nakov in the Biennale de Tashkent


Andrei Nakov has been an art critic since the mid sixties, and has always been keenly interested in contemporary art. In addition to his friendships with many living artists, he has published art criticism texts in French reviews.

Since 2003 he has been taking active part in the Tashkent Biennial in Uzbekistan, of which he was twice President of the jury and joint organiser of the last selection (2005).

Projects are at present in preparation for interventions by contemporary artists within the framework of the historical monuments of Bukhara and Samarkand.

Andrei Nakov, Nigora Ahmedova, a Kazakh artist and Victor Misiano

Andrei Nakov, Nigora Ahmedova - director and organiser of the Tashkent Biennial - a Kazakh artist, and the Muscovite art critic Victor Misiano, special guest at the 2005 Biennial.